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When it comes to fertilizer, you want the best product for your project. When you choose Solid Green, you are getting the West Coast’s eco friendly nitrogen fertilizer. Specially formulated so every gardener can become an eco expert when it comes to garden fertilizer applications, this earth friendly product gives you green results naturally.

This fertilizer is filled with slow release nutrients that give your garden what it needs to have healthy soils so you can produce a bountiful harvest. Here at Solid Green, we stand behind our product, which is an easy to use “non burning” natural fertilizer. Our fertilizer is designed to help growth and your plants, not damage them. This is the perfect fertilizer for all kinds of projects, such as your new lawn, flower gardens, vegetable gardens, fruit trees, palms, and even roses.

Solid Green isn’t just another kind of fertilizer. Instead, it is the ecofreindly nitrogen fertilizer. Your garden or lawn deserves the best possible product. Don’t just settle for anything that bears the name fertilizer. Get environmentally friendly, all-natural Solid Green so we can teach you how to be an eco friendly fertilizer expert.

Application Rates

Quick Tips

  • A great selection for your eco-minded consumer.
  • Great for Southern California summer fertilizing needs. Recommend non-burning Solid Green as a safe alternative to synthetics.

Your Millennial organic-minded consumers want a great organic at a great price. Give them Solid Green, the West Coast premier Organic Nitrogen fertilizer

Slow Release and Salt- Free

Solid Green feeds plant roots for 8-10 weeks but does not cause excessive growth, and will help your consumers reduce mowing and conserve water. Solid Green is ideal for communities under water restrictions, especially, severe drought conditions in the West Coast. It does not need to be watered in and contains NO chemical salts that can burn turf.

Great Deer Deterrent

Research shows that Solid Green’s odor is effective in deterring deer.

Iron for Greening, not for Staining

Solid Green ’s 2% iron delivers a long-lasting green. Solid Green ’s organically complex iron releases through soil microbial action. This means the iron WILL NOT stain sidewalks and driveways.

Gold Standard for Golf

Golf course superintendents have long appreciated Solid Green ’s ability to not only deliver consistent results, but to strengthen turf and enhance greening in every kind of turfgrass.

Protecting Waterways

Over 85% of Solid Green ’s nitrogen is slow-release, which drastically reduces the chance of groundwater contamination.
Solid Green : the right choice for environmentally-conscious consumers who want a gorgeous lawn at the right price.

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