About Us

Solid Green Fertilizer was founded in 2014 by 3rd generation nurserymen with over 85 years of combined professional horticultural background. Our passion has and continues to be for growing plants, vegetables, fruits naturally and economically. So this inspired us to work within the community and create a gardening fertilizer solution for future generations.

We sought to create an eco fertilizer solution that would provide customers with easy to use gardening attributes:

  • Grow greener and natural lawns, roses, vegetables, trees, shrubs, annual and perennial gardens
  • Renewable solutions for our local communities and the environment
  • Organic Matter for long term soil builds
  • Working to provide affordable solutions for every gardener and professional
  • Iron for deep greening solutions
  • Natural beneficial macro nutrients
  • Great “VALUE” and “EASY” to use fertilizer with natural results.

We saw the need for an alternative renewable plant food made in the USA and manufactured on the West Coast that would build soils naturally. Instead of depleting soils with conventional fertilizers that add salts and clay to your soils, we looked for an organic nitrogen formula to build soils with beneficial. Teaming up with the West Coast Departments of Water and Power – Solid Green Organic Fertilizer was born!

Headquartered in Southern California our company is focused on delivering the West Coasts’ Premier Organic Nitrogen Fertilizer for professional and residential use.

Working close with the our partners we bring together a special West Coast blend of heat dried microbes::

  • Captured wastewater treated with microbes to digest nutrients
  • Microbes are expanded, dried and turning into organic fertilizer
  • Meets US EPA strict standards and requirements
  • Deliver ready product to homeowners, landscapers, and golf superintendents on the West Coast.

Through water reclamation projects, digesters, and heat drying process West Coast consumers can benefit from an all natural organic nitrogen fertilizer with all the beneficial values!

Solid Green Benefits:

  • Low Salt Index
  • Iron For Deep Greening
  • Organic Matter
  • Micro Nutrients
  • Non Burning
  • Slow release

Gardening with Solid Green Fertilizer provides everyone an opportunity to create a renewable approach to all purpose fertilization. West Coast premier “non burning” slow release organic nitrogen formula provides each gardener, landscaper, or professional with an eco expert approach to better results naturally!

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