Frequently Asked Questions

What is Solid Green?

Solid Green is derived from heat-dried microbes that have digested the organic material found in wastewater. This water is then treated with microbes to digest organic nutrients that are found in it. The resulting microbes are then dried, becoming Solid Green fertilizers.

My Dog ate Solid Green what should I do?

Solid Green is not toxic if eaten, and your dog is not facing a “life threatening” crisis that requires medical care. The manufacturing process of Solid Green destroys pathogens, eating any product off of surfaces containing pathogens (such as soil or turf) may introduce a source of pathogen infection. How much discomfort your dog has will depend on how much Solid Green was ingested. Continue reading…

What is my Spreader Setting?

While settings for the most spreaders on the market are printed on the Solid Green bag, it is not possible to test the setting for every available spreader. We have included Settings for most commonly used spreaders /wpspoiler]

Is Solid Green safe?

Yes it is safe for Children and pets to safely go onto areas that have been fertilized with Solid Green. Solid Green meets the most stringent criteria imposed on any fertilizer product for health and environmental concerns. However, use cautionary measures around open bags of Solid Green and store unused portions away from children and pets.

Can I use Solid Green for my vegetable garden?

Yes. Solid Green is an excellent and safe fertilizer for all plants that grow outdoors, including vegetables and other edible crops. is practically fool-proof because of it’s organic slow release nitrogen it won’t burn plants – even if it is over applied.

Where can I buy Solid Green

Home users can find Solid Green at most home improvement stores and garden centers across the western US. Our store locator can help find a store near you. Professional users can get Solid Green from our distributor network of suppliers for the turf and landscape industry..

Does Solid Green contain heavy metals

Solid Green and all other fertilizers, both organic and synthetic, contain some heavy metals. In fact, plants need some heavy metals, such as copper, molybdenum, and zinc, for healthy growth. To ensure your safety, both the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and many states have established limits for metals. Solid Green is sampled daily to evaluate compliance with these limits. Solid Green complies with all federal and local limits, which allows you to use Solid Green with confidence for all of your fertilizing needs, including grass, trees, roses, shrubs, flowers, and vegetables.

What does the 5-5-0 on the bag mean?

The 5-5-0 guarantees that Solid Green contains at least 5% Nitrogen, 5% Phosphorous and 0% Potassium by weight.

What are Organic and Synthetic fertilizers?

Organic fertilizer has nutrients that are “stored” in complex organic molecules until soil microorganisms break them down and “release” the nutrients for the plant use. Standard synthetic fertilizers are petroleum-based and need to be watered in.

Does Solid Green need to be watered in immediately after application?

No. Solid Green does not need to be watered in immediately after application. Solid Green stays on the soil until rain or irrigation activates soil microbes that will break it down into nutrients. Watering in Solid Green will ensure that the fertilizer achieves soil contact earlier and speeds up the fertilizing process.

Can Solid Green be applied in the summer or during drought?

Yes. Solid Green does not contain any salts so it will not burn plant leaves during dry or hot periods. The organic matter in Solid Green conditions the soil and helps retain moisture during dry periods.

Can Solid Green be applied to my wet lawn?

Yes. Solid Green does not contain any salts so it can be used when the grass blades are wet. Solid Green will not burn your lawn.

Is it true that Solid Green will keep deer away?

Research done at Berry College and other sources suggest that bio-solids in products such as Solid Green has efficacy as a deer deterrent. The makers of Solid Green do not register its product as a repellent nor actively market it as such.

Can Solid Green be used in combination with other fertilizers (and pesticides)?

Yes. Solid Green can be used as a complete lawn fertility program or with other products as part of your lawn care program. When you use Solid Green as part of an overall program, be cautious not over-apply nitrogen fertilizer

Does Solid Green kill weeds?

No. Solid Green is strictly a fertilizer. However, a thick, healthy lawn will help choke out existing weeds and help prevent weeds from germinating seedlings.

Does Solid Green contain grass seed?

No, however mixing grass seed with Solid Green makes it it easier to evenly spread seed, especially small-seeded species like bentgrass and bermudagrass. The standard Solid Green seed mixing ratio is 4:1 by weight. When mixing seed and Solid Green, decrease the rate of Solid Green applied as straight fertilizer to avoid over-fertilization.

Can I apply Solid Green on top of mulch?

Yes, the Solid Green material will work its way down into the soil. Quicker result will occur by removing the mulch or rake it back from the plants a few inches, fertilize, and then reapply the mulch. This action will immediately place the fertilizer in direct contact with the soil.

Can I apply a grub control at the same time as Solid Green?

If the grub control product contains any synthetic fertilizer in it, we do NOT recommend applying an application of Solid Green. You do not want to risk over fertilizing your lawn. If the grub control product DOES NOT contain any fertilizer, you can safely apply Solid Green.

When can Solid Green be applied?

Solid Green can be applied any time during the growing season. It can be applied at any time of day.

What about Solid Green's Phosphorous?

The phosphorus in Solid Green is slow-moving and stays in the soil for the plants to use but does not move into the groundwater.

Does Solid Green contain Pharmaceuticals?

Solid Green, like manures and other animal by-product organic fertilizers, contains micro-levels of pharmaceuticals as well as household and personal care products. Solid Green is actively monitored for a host of compounds that the EPA has ruled as being hazardous, to ensure consumer safety. Continue Reading…
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