Gardening with Solid Green

Gardening with Solid Green

Gardening with Solid Green

  • Low Salts
  • Slow Release nutrients
  • Organinic Matter
  • Non Burning
  • Easy to Apply
  • Kid and Pet friendly
  • Earth Friendly

Use and Application

Use and ApplicationSolid Green can be applied to most of your garden. It can be applied to your annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, fruit trees, roses, vegetables, succulents, palms, lawns, seeding new lawns, and most other items in your gardens.

Garden Tips:

To grow best results in your garden follow the following tips:

  • Rotate you soil beds – Apply Solid Green Fertilizer during this process
  • Use solid green on all areas of your garden – A potassium supplement may be required with Solid green on particular root varieties.
  • Fertilizer with Solid Green –
    • Add 5lbs * per 100 square feet when you plant
    • Add 5lbs * per 100 square feet every 3 months

*3 cups Solid Green = 1 pound

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