Lawn Care

When it comes to eco friendly lawn care, you can’t find a better fertilizer than Solid Green. Environmentally friendly and safe for humans and pets, it doesn’t leach into bodies of water or burn plants. Instead, its nutrients gradually feed the grass, resulting in attractive, green turf that will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood.

Everyone longs for an attractive, green lawn. Solid Green makes the yard of your dreams possible. A nitrogen based, organic product, Solid Green is safe for living creatures and the environment. While its in the soil doing its job, the ground is still safe for children and pets to run and play on.

Lawn Care Tips

Don’t cut your grass too short. Instead, set the blade at 1/3 its height and leave the grass a little taller. By having grass a little higher, weeds won’t germinate and your lawn will require less water. It will also help the grass to stay green and look healthy.

After mowing, put the grass clippings back on the lawn. It contains nitrogen and helps fertilize the soil.

Regularly fertilize the lawn, replenishing lost nutrients.

Do not water too often, as that can damage your grass. Instead, water deeply in the early morning, so it will get down to the roots.

Make sure the blade on your mower is sharp to prevent damage to the turf.

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