Trees and Shrubs

Trees and shrubs define and add volume to your landscaped property. They are a major investment, so they deserve the best possible care. If your trees and shrubs grow on your lawn that is regularly fertilized, they do not require additional applications.

To see if your trees or shrubs require fertilizer, you may want to opt for soil testing. Many extension offices offer this service. If testing is not available, look for the tell-tale signs of lacking nutrients, such as small leaves, leaves falling off at the wrong time of the year, a reduction in the growth of twigs and leaves that look pale in color.

Recommended Application Rates

Transplanted shrubs or trees should get one-fourth pound of Solid Green for every foot of tree height. In this case, the fertilizer should be mixed with the soil at the bottom of the planting hole before planting the tree. About three months later, an equal amount should be hand spread underneath, just past the drip line.

Trees and Shrubs

Trees and Shrubs:

  • New plantings:
    • 2lbs blended into the soil of planting hole*
    • Work well into the soil
  • Every 10-12 weeks- Work 1 to 2 feet around plant
    • take the size of the trunk and add 4lbs for every inch, be sure to take annual amount and spread out over 4-5 application throughout the year*

An established planting requires 4 pounds of Solid Green per inch of trunk diameter. It should be applied by placing into holes that are spaced 2 feet apart along the drip line.
Roots of trees and shrubs will absorb some of the fertilizer that was applied to your lawn. If your trees and shrubs are growing separately, such as in a planting bed, they may need to be fertilized.

*3 cups Solid Green = 1 pound

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