Using Solid Green

When you use Solid Green, greener results come naturally. Solid Green is a premium all-natural, organic, eco friendly fertilizer that will not burn or damage your lawn or garden. Instead, it fills the soil with healthy nutrients that will result in green, healthy plants that become the envy of your neighbors. It is easy to apply, not requiring any time consuming measures. When you use Solid Green, you get better results without putting additional time into the fertilizer process. With the help of Solid Green, you can quickly become an eco friendly fertilizer expert.

Why Should You Use Solid Green?

The answer to that question is simple. It is earth friendly, all-natural, easy to use and extremely effective. It does its job without causing damage. Solid Green will not burn and it never has to be watered-in. Therefore, it is much more effective than many of the standard fertilizers. Solid Green offers a worry free application process that even inexperienced gardeners can handle quickly and without hesitation. Why make a job more difficult than necessary? If you can get the job done quickly and simply, that is the approach to take. You can do just that thanks to Solid Green.

What is Solid Green?

Solid Green contains virtually no salts, so it won’t burn plants. Everyone has seen the plants that have yellowed or have damage to the leaves. Fertilizer is suppose to help plants grow, not burn and damage them. When you use Solid Green, you are using an all-purpose organic plant food that doesn’t burn plants even in extremely hot, dry conditions. Another benefit to using our product is that it will stay in the soil, waiting to go to work when the rains come or when the area is irrigated. You don’t have to water it in when you apply it. It is the simple, healthy approach to fertilizing your lawn or garden.

Slow-Release Means Sustained Growth

When fertilizer uses a slow-release approach, growth is sustained. Being organic, Solid Green provides nitrogen and other nutrients throughout an 8 to 10-week period. The slow-release allows better root development and improves growth, making it more even. The process also allows plants to use the nutrients throughout a longer timeframe, making more use of the fertilizer. This process also results in less fertilizer being wasted by seeping into groundwater or running off into streams.

Feeding the Soil and Saving Water

Being organic, Solid Green promotes microbial activity, which is beneficial. It unlocks nutrients while improving the soil’s ability to nuture plants and grass. Thus, the soil improves and the plants grow. Organic matter helps improve the soil’s capacity to hold nutrients and water, slowly releasing them to plant roots. Ideal for sandy soils because it doesn’t leach, Solid Green promotes growth, creates healthy soil and saves water.

Solid Green’s Iron Benefits

When it comes to having a long-lasting green for lawns, you can’t do better than Solid Green. Solid Green has iron that provides exceptional results. Some synthetic fertilizers have iron salts, which can stain concrete. Because of its organic complex, you won’t have that problem with Solid Green.

Environmentally Safe and Sustainable

Converting a byproduct into a highly effective fertilizer, Solid Green is environmentally safe and friendly plus sustainable. Synthetic fertilizers are created from petroleum, instead of a renewable source. Therefore, the results are amazingly different when you use a eco friendly product.

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