Solid Green is the optimal choice for those who are professional landscapers or who handle turf management. Whether you are working to maintain the perfect green for golf, the best turf for football or soccer, or the perfect flower bed for the country club, you can count on Solid Green to provide the best possible results.

When you use Solid Green, you will get the results you desire consistently. One of the oldest recycled products in the country, it offers outstanding results with granular size that is consistent. Regardless of the salt sensitivity of your turf, you can depend on Solid Green to provide the results that you desire without causing damage. Our fertilizer doesn’t burn, and it is slow release giving your grass or plants the nutrients they need when they need them.

While sandy soils don’t hold nutrients, Solid Green makes a difference. Containing more than 75% organic matter based on weight, it releases nutrients much slower than other fertilizers. The slow release allows sandy soils to have a better opportunity to retain those needed nutrients. There is also a much smaller risk of leaching and run off when you use Solid Green for your fertilizing needs. Therefore, this fertilizer is environmentally friendly.

Containing 13 nutrients that are essential for healthy plants, you can rest assured that Solid Green will help you get adequate plant growth and vibrant color. Solid Green has natural, organic ingredients that make your lawn and garden grow naturally. If you want the best possible results, the choice is easy. Solid Green can provide what your project requires.

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